Yesterdays Workout | A Quick Look At Some Of The Exercises

Yesterday I had approximately 45 minutes gap in my day between work and getting home and I decided to train vertical and horizontal pulling with some light load shoulder work.  I generally train my back 3 times per week as I spend a large portion of my day needing to treat clients and/or working on the computer or consulting clients in offices (all anterior driven exercises).    I only had a short time to workout and therefore smashed through things with a focus on sub maximal training loads.  A quick look at my session below:

  1. Dumbbell lateral raise 3* 10 – 7 kg
  2. Incline bench prone fly 3*10 reps – 7kg
  3. Sidelying dumbbell fly with lateral raise 3* 8 reps – 7kg
  4. Lat pull down 4*10 reps (wide neutral grip)
  5. Standing cable reverse flys 3* 10 reps
  6. Neutral grip (shoulder width) chin ups 3* 8 reps
  7. Lat pull down (Maximum advantage grip – 45 degree hand hold – shoulder width) 3* 10 reps
  8. Chest supported row (3 grip variations – neutral, pronated, supinated) 2 sets of 8 reps each
  9. Chin ups (wide grip) 3* 5 reps (fatiguing)
  10. Shrugs 3* 8 reps
  11. Back extension reverse fly to anterior fly 3* 8 reps (2.5kg each hand)
  12. Seated lat pull down (fixed plane machine) 3* 8 reps

You might look at this and say, shit, there is a fair bit of volume.  Well there is, but I love some volume training and exercises 1, 2, 3 and 5 were performed with ease, whilst the others were more challenging (more effort).   I generally find that my body responds well to sub maximal volume training and regular back/shoulder training has helped with regards to dealing with the rigours of work demands as well as managing previous shoulder related complaints.

Below are a couple short vids from the session