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Most people will suffer from back pain at some stage in their lives. The causes for most acute upper and lower back pain conditions are multifactorial in nature so if you want results you need an osteopath who has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating back pain.

At Principle Four Osteopathy Melbourne CBD we treat common, complex and chronic back pain and injury, we have delivered over 25,000 treatments for just about every kind of condition you could imagine, and we are happy to say that most clients find relief from soft tissue or muscular conditions within weeks.


  • Australia spends $4.8Billion per year on management of low back pain.
  • Back pain reduces Australia’s GDP by AU$3.2Billion per annum and is the most common condition keeping older Australians (aged 45-64) out of the workforce.
  • Around 25% of Australians suffer from low back pain on any day. (*1)
  • 50% of Australians suffered from back pain in the past month. (*1)
  • The vast majority of back pain episodes are nonspecific and mechanical.  Tissues involved usually include muscles, joints, ligaments, nerves and tendons and discs.
  • The vast majority of back pain episodes will improve within 6 weeks
  • For some people, back pain can become chronic and have a massive impact on one’s health and wellbeing

The True Cost Of Back Pain

Back pain can have a significant impact on all aspects of life including daily activities, family life, work, recreation and social activities. Back pain can impact you physically and mentally. People suffering from back pain often report feeling irritable or short-tempered, they worry about the pain controlling their life and may experience feelings of helplessness.

Every-body is different and people experience back pain in different ways. Some people feel a sharp pain, while others report aches or spasms. You may feel stiff, or find it hard to turn or bend in certain directions. The pain can last for a few days, it can come and go, or it can be there all the time.

Beau Zanin Is A Industry Leading Osteopath At Principle Four Osteopathy Melbourne Cbd


New Injuries & Persistent Pain

Is your back stiff and sore? Have you hurt it during sport or suffered a workplace injury? Then you’ve come to the right place! Beau is the osteopath for you.


These risk factors increase your chance of developing back pain(*2):


  • Fitness level: Back pain is more common among people who are not physically fit or for those who perhaps exercise too strenuously but are not conditioned for this.
  • Weight gain: Being inactive and overweight can increase one’s risk for developing back pain
  • Job-related risk factors: Jobs that require heavy lifting, pushing, pulling, or twisting can injure the back. A desk job may also play a role, especially if you are not moving frequently enough or are sitting in awkward postures for prolonged periods of time.
  • Age: Back pain becomes more common with age, particularly after the age of 45.
  • Heredity: Genetics play a role in some disorders that cause back pain.
  • Injury: Accidents happen during sport, at work, motor vehicle, slips, trip and falls. If injuries are not treated they can have a long term impact especially if you injure your back. 



Some people will experience recurring episodes of back pain that can become chronic and debilitating. If back pain reoccurs and is not treated effectively and managed properly it could easily result in a long, painful and costly road to recovery. 




It’s important to accurately diagnose the cause of your back pain, identify any contributing factors, relieve muscle tension, maintain healthy structural alignment, restore functional movement and strengthen supporting muscles, even after the pain has subsided.




Less than 1 percent of back pain is due to more sinister pathologies including cancer (about 0.7 per cent – generally unlikely unless the patient has previously had cancer), and spinal infections (0.01 per cent).This means that in most cases back pain is highly treatable.(*3)




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Advanced exercise rehabilitation osteopaths (Jarrod Testa / Heath Williams)

Advanced occupational health osteopaths (Heath Williams / Shaun Coghlan)

SAVE $10 - General pain, injury and musculoskeletal conditions (Beau Zanin)


  • Step 1:  Booking your consult –  Once you have booked a consult with one of our osteopaths, you will be sent a confirmation email and a pre consult questionnaire.  We want to find out why you have booked to see us and what you would like to get out of your consultation
  • Step 2:  Assess, Diagnose ad provide symptom relief – Your initial osteopathic consultation will take about 60 minutes in duration and during this consultation we will listen and talk to you about your complaint and what your goals are.  We will then take you through a comprehensive assessment and then discuss with you our findings and recommended treatment and management plan.  Treatment and management may include manual therapy to provide symptom relief and then a discussion around pain management and symptoms modification strategies. If you require a referral elsewhere, we will discuss this with you and facilitate this.
  • Step 3:  Improve capacity and performance –  Once your symptoms are under control, our goal will be to assist you with building your functional capacity, ability to perform everyday activities without pain and performance.  Our osteopaths will work with you to provide you with strategies to do so.  This may include exercise and  work related assessments and training.

Can Osteopath Help With Back Pain

Many people call us and ask, “does osteopathy help back pain?” And the answer is yes. Our osteopaths may be able to help you with a combination of manual therapy and exercise advice.  For those who are experiencing acute back pain, we will help with pain management and look to restore your normal pain free movements through a variety of manual therapy techniques and exercise prescription.  

Osteopath Treatment For Back Pain

Our osteopaths provide hands on manual therapy, rehab exercises and back stretches for upper and lower back pain to encourage pain free movement, so that you can get back to doing what you love doing without any discomfort or concern. We give advice on how to reduce aggravation of your complaint  and use various hands-on treatments to relieve your back pain.

Osteopaths seek to assist in restoring your body’s natural function and structure by using a variety of hands-on treatments, as well as exercises, stretches and things you can use at home. 

Osteopath Treatment For Lower Back Pain

Your osteopath assesses your level of pain and applies the most appropriate low back pain osteopathic treatment for the best result. If your back pain is severe, our Osteopaths at Principle Four will use very gentle techniques, including lower back pain osteopathy massage. These help reduce pain, improve movement, and calm your nervous system, which sends the pain signals to your lower back. As your mobility increases and the pain lessens, we use different techniques. 

Back Pain From Poor Sleeping Position

If you’re waking with lower back pain from sleeping, our osteopaths can provide advice on how to minimise the cause of back pain whilst sleeping. Awkward sleeping posture causes leg cramping and pins and needles of an ‘asleep’ limb. 

Back Pain From Sitting Too Long

Prolonged sitting can be a major cause of back pain, increased stress on the back, neck, arms, and legs. Sitting at a desk all day without regular movement or in an awkward posture can result in muscular discomfort developing. 

If you have back pain from sitting all day at work, use an ergonomic chair and adjust this to better support you.   Make sure you stand or walk about every half hour.

Book An Osteopathy Treatment For Back Pain

If you are suffering from back pain book a treatment with one of our osteopaths at Principle Four Osteopathy on Collins St Melbourne CBD.  



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