Osteopathy done differently! We help clients get back to doing the things they love doing in everyday life, reach optimal health, improve office ergonomics and increase sports performance.  If you want to find out the what, why and how you can get out of pain and function better or increase strength and fitness, book a consultation with one of our Melbourne CBD Osteopaths.

What make us different from other Osteopaths:

  • Our assessments, treatments and 1 on 1 coaching have been refined over many years by Osteopaths who have decades of experience, are uni lecturers and hold workshops to teach practising health professionals specialised skills. We hire the best so you get the best!

  • We deliver real differential diagnosis which allows us to get to the underlying cause of your condition, followed by results based treatments and functional training designed to move you from pain management to being in control of your health or we can create personalised programs to help you achieve peak performance.

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Is highly experienced in treating:

  • Shoulder complaints – impingement, tendinopathies
  • Hip and knee complaints
  • Individuals with multiple musculoskeletal complaints
  • Chronic lower back pain

Heath’s Profile




Is highly experienced in treating:

  • Chronic low back pain
  • Chronic shoulder pain
  • Disc injuries with nerve pain
  • Elbow tendinopathy
  • Pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain

Tim’s Profile




Is highly experienced in treating:

  • Low back pain including joint sprains and discogenic pain
  • Hip pain including joint irritation and tendinopathy
  • Knee pain including meniscal pain and patellar pain

Jarrod’s Profile




Is highly experienced in treating

  • Neck pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Disc injuries with nerve pain
  • Tendon injuries e.g tennis elbow, achilles, plantar fascia, etc.
  • Sporting injuries

Shaun’s Profile

Note: Private health claiming is available onsite for all osteopathy consults. Please consult your private health fund provider to determine your osteopathy rebate for our initial and subsequent osteopathy consultations..


  • Step 1:Booking your consult –  Once you have booked a consult with one of our osteopaths, you will be sent a confirmation email and a pre consult questionnaire.  We want to find out why you have booked to see us and what you would like to get out of your consultation
  • Step 2:  Assess, Diagnose ad provide symptom relief – Your initial osteopathic consultation will take about 60 minutes in duration and during this consultation we will listen and talk to you about your complaint and what your goals are.  We will then take you through a comprehensive assessment and then discuss with you our findings and recommended treatment and management plan.  Treatment and management may include manual therapy to provide symptom relief and then a discussion around pain management and symptoms modification strategies. If you require a referral elsewhere, we will discuss this with you and facilitate this. 
  • Step 3:  Improve capacity and performance –  Once your symptoms are under control, our goal will be to assist you with building your functional capacity, ability to perform everyday activities without pain and performance.  Our osteopaths will work with you to provide you with strategies to do so.  This may include exercise and  work related assessments and training. 

Conditions, Techniques Osteopathy

Conditions Our Osteopaths Treat Regularly

  • Neck pain and injury
  • Lower and upper back pain
  • Sciatica and nerve pain
  • Headaches / Migraines
  • Shoulder, elbow and hand pain
  • Hip, knee and foot pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Pre and post natal care
  • Arthritic aches & pains
  • Tendinopathies
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Workplace strains & sprains
  • Post surgery rehabilitation

Osteopathy Techniques Commonly Adopted By Our Osteopaths

  • Soft tissue massage
  • Articulation
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Stretching
  • Muscle energy technique (MET)
  • Counter-strain
  • High velocity-low amplitude manipulation
  • Dry needling
  • Rigid and dynamic taping.
  • Exercise prescription
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Ergonomic and manual handling advice



We have set up our osteopathy clinic in a space that includes both private osteopathy consulting rooms and a strength and conditioning/exercise rehabilitation space as we are aware of the need to educate and support our clients with active management strategies.

We have created a osteopathy clinic that allows us to offers services such as Functional Movement Screen, Exercise Prescription/Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit. All of our osteopaths are experienced in exercise prescription and strength and conditioning and we pride ourselves on providing you with a tailored treatment and management plan to suit your specific needs and goals.
Our osteopathy clinic is located within the heart of the Melbourne City CBD so that we are also only ever a short walk away from corporate offices for undertaking offsite ergonomic risk assessments and manual handling risk assessments and training.



At Principle Four Osteopathy in Melbourne city or CBD, you’ll meet highly qualified and experienced osteopaths who put your comfort and quality of life first.

Our osteopaths have undergone years of training at renowned Australian universities including Victoria University and Southern Cross University – as well as many additional qualifications to further their knowledge at highly reputable Australian institutions.

You’ll also find that our Melbourne osteopath team is extremely approachable, friendly and truly passionate about improving your health and wellbeing. Our goal with every session you have with us is to help allow you to move more freely in your day-to-day with less pain, stress and discomfort. You can learn more about our great team of osteos at Principle Four Osteopathy at our Practitioners page.

Our osteopaths are registered Workcover and TAC service providers, and we accept all Hicaps Private Health Funds onsite so that you can claim your rebate on the spot for our osteopathy treatments. We may also be able to provide Medicare rebates (through the Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan). Head to our About page to learn more!




Osteopathy works by treating the body of any misalignments, weaknesses and imbalances in the musculoskeletal system. Osteopathy treatment is applied on muscles, joints and connective tissue to improve posture, movement, and even blood flow or lymphatic drainage.

Osteopathy takes a holistic approach to treating your body and causes of pain. It not only focuses on your spine, but all the other areas of your body and how each body part affects one another.

This is why osteopathy involves (or requires) a variety of different rehabilitation methods and techniques, including manual therapy, clinical exercise programs, ergonomic assessments, and more. It’s extremely important to meet an osteopath therapist who can take the time to thoroughly assess your issues and concerns, and provide you with a personalised treatment plan that provides the best results for your wellbeing.

At Principle Four Osteopathy in Melbourne CBD, we offer longer consultations than other osteotherapists because we understand that no two people are the same – even if they present the same pain symptoms or discomforts. With our treatment sessions, we assure that you’ll receive highly personalised osteo treatments that work by reducing pain, increasing movement, and creating a better quality of life in the long term.




At Principle Four Osteopathy, we provide osteopathy treatments for all areas of the body, and will often involve a comprehensive and holistic treatment program targeting multiple areas of your body for optimal health.

Some of the most common areas of the body that our clients come in to see us about include the back, neck, and hip – but we’re able to assess and treat pain and issues with the body in just about any area.

If you’d like to know how we can help you, book online today – alternatively, you can ring us on 03 9670 9290 or get in touch via our Contact form.




Our osteopathy for back pain treatments are one of the most common forms of treatments that we do at Principle Four Osteopathy – and it’s no surprise why!

Our spine and back are an integral part of our body, affecting all areas of the rest of the body as well. People with back pain can experience anything from mild stiffness, to severe immobility in their lower and/or upper back where they’re unable to bend, turn, or stretch without pain or discomfort.

Back pain can be caused by many different factors and behaviours, such as having poor posture, sitting for prolonged periods of time, repetitive movements, strenuous activities such as lifting, as well as much more.

The good news is that with the team at Principle Four Osteopathy, we’re highly experienced in providing osteopathy treatments for back pain, and have treated people from all walks of life – from office workers, construction workers & labourers, athletes, to even those involved in work accidents or have chronic diseases impacting their movement.

Our osteo treatments for back pain including manual massage therapies and ergonomic assessments to improve your posture – and if we believe that you’ll benefit from seeing other health practitioners as part of your treatment plan, we’ll connect you to highly reputable healthcare professionals in Melbourne.




Neck and shoulder pain is another increasing cause of concern for many of our clients. The neck is a complex makeup of muscles, connective tissue, and bones, connecting your head with your spine. It’s often difficult to notice, but we use our necks for a variety of different movements throughout our day-to-day life, which is why necks can quickly become strained, stiff and in pain.

Neck pain can be caused by things such as having bad posture, poor sleeping posture, sudden trauma from quick movements or impact, to even misaligned discs or arthritis.

At Principle Four Osteopathy Melbourne city CBD, our osteopathy treatments for neck pain can involve manual therapy to increase blood flow to the muscles in the neck, muscle tension relief, as well as ergonomic, posture assessment, plus other recommended health treatments (which we’ll refer you to if we believe that’ll provide you with better outcomes and results).




Pain from migraines and headaches are often related to musculoskeletal issues with the neck, back, and overall posture.

Headaches and migraines can be caused by many factors, such as fatigue, dehydration, stress, bad posture and sleep, as well as much more. There are also different types of headaches which can provide more understanding about its causes and how to avoid or treat them. Tension headaches can feel like there is a very tight band all around your head, with high amounts of pressure felt in your head and neck area. Migraines often involve dizziness, throbbing pain, and can even impact your vision in severe cases. There are also sinus headaches which are caused by sinus infections or irritations.

With Principle Four Osteopathy, we provide osteopathy for migraines and headaches in Melbourne CBD that help you get immediate relief through manual therapies and tailored exercises. Plus, we ensure you’re well-equipped with the knowledge and understanding of how your muscles may be contributing to the pain you experience with migraines and headaches.




The hips are another extremely complex and connected area in our body that many experience pain or discomfort in.

With our osteopathy treatments in Melbourne, we can assess the range of ways the hip may have become weakened, imbalanced, or damaged through everyday use or trauma. There are many different types of muscles found in the hip, and your osteopath will need to assess a range of factors before developing a personalised program to reduce your pain and discomfort.

Our osteopathy treatments for hip pain can be targeted for hip pain that is found on the lower hip, side of the hip, or even the front of the hip as well. Some of the many considerations we factor in when creating tailored osteopathy programs for hip pain include:

  • Is the hip pain caused by the nerve, ligaments, or muscles of the hip?
  • Is the hip pain suddenly felt, or is it a prolonged and constant feeling of pain?
  • What types of activities or lifestyle factors are involved that could have contributed to or caused the hip pain?

For more information on how we can provide osteopathy treatments for your hip pain, get in touch with our team in Melbourne today.




Principle Four Osteopathy is an osteopath treatment and exercise rehabilitation clinic based in Melbourne city CBD, that’s dedicated towards providing you with the best quality of life through movement. We incorporate the most suitable and tailored osteopathy treatments with other recommended osteopathic services to ensure you get a well-rounded and comprehensive level of care. Your osteo will select the most appropriate and effective treatment techniques for your particular pain, injury or condition.  Some of the techniques commonly used during an osteopathic consultation may include:

  • Soft tissue massage – this may involve direct or indirect treatment of the tight or tender soft tissues.  Direct soft tissue massage may involve working into the muscle to relax the tissues, whereas indirect soft tissue technique may involve moving away from the tight/tender spot to help reduce tension and pain.  Some of the osteopaths at Principle Four Osteopathy may also apply instrument assisted soft tissue massage (similar to FAKTRor Graston Technique).
  • Joint articulation and mobilisation – this involves moving joints through its anatomical range of movement.  Sometimes following an injury a joint can become stiff and restricted and gentle joint articulation and mobilisation can help improve their mobility.
  • Joint manipulation – high velocity low amplitude techniques are typically commonly known as “joint cracking” “joint cavitation” “popping” the joint.
  • Stretching – which can include static, PNF, dynamic application) of the muscles.  Practitioners might assist with the stretching or prescribe stretching for the client.
  • Taping – such as rigid stability taping or dynamic taping (kinesiotaping, rock taping) to help with support and proprioceptive awareness.
  • Dry Needling – in recent times more and more manual therapists (osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors & myotherapists) are training in dry needling techniques.  This technique is often used for the treatment of trigger points.
  • Exercise Prescription – movement based rehabilitation.  More and more osteopaths are now educating and prescribing exercise as part of the treatment and management of their clients injuries or conditions.  This may involve the prescription of movements, strength, endurance, flexibility or balance exercises.
  • Ergonomic / Manual Handling Risk Assessment and Training – reviewing and educating on best practice ergonomics and manual handling is another common treatment and management approach by the Osteopath.




If you’re located in Melbourne and have been looking online for ‘osteopathy treatments near me’ or ‘osteopath near me or in my area’, then look no further! The next step is to book an osteopathy appointment at Principle Four Osteopathy.

Our osteopathic clinic is conveniently located in the heart of the Melbourne City CBD at 178 Collins st.  We are easily accessible in the CBD via tram, training, walking or driving.  For those coming from nearby inner Melbourne suburbs, we are a short walk from the train at Flinders St and the nearby intersections of Collins and Swanston and Collins and Russell st.  ​ ​For any other questions you may have, you can call us on 03 9670 9290 or fill out our Contact form and we’ll respond back to your enquiries right away




Osteopaths must have 5 years university-level training, be government registered with AHPRA and complete a minimum number of continuing professional development hours each year. We have long consultation times which allow us to hear your story and tailor treatments specific to you and your condition.

$120 – 140 INITIAL consultation | 60min | For clients who have not visited Principle Four Osteopathy before or if you have not been to the clinic for an osteopathy consultation for some time.

$95 STANDARD consultation | 30-40min | For clients with one regional complaint and/or simple musculoskeletal complaint or if you are receiving regular treatment as part of your treatment plan.

$120 LONG consultation | 60min | For clients who want more time to address one or more regional musculoskeletal complaints and/or complex musculoskeletal conditions.

NOTE: Private health claiming is available for all osteopathy consults. Please consult your private health fund provider to determine your osteopathy rebate.




Australia was one of the first countries in the world to regulate osteopathy. Doctors of Osteopathy have been practised here for over 100 years. All Osteos at Principle Four Osteopathy have completed 5 years at University, and they are required to continue their education to keep up to date with the latest research and advancements in assessment and treatment techniques.

Osteopathic doctors, also called doctors of osteopathic medicine are doctors who base diagnosis and treatment on the theory that the body’s systems are interconnected. They aim to prevent or treat musculoskeletal conditions through manual medicine, which is a hands-on approach that may include massage, pressure or manipulation ​of an area of the body.




Most people think a physiotherapist prescribes exercises, a chiropractor cracks spines and joints, and an osteopath sort of does both. It’s important to note that ‘Osteo’, ‘Physio’ & ‘Chiro’ are professions – They’re not treatments or treatment styles. Each profession is qualified to diagnose, manage and prevent musculoskeletal conditions. If you are trying to decide between an Osteopath, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor the real difference comes from a great practitioner, not a profession. The best practitioners get you moving and feeling better so you can get back to enjoying the things you love. That is exactly what our osteopaths aim to do with each treatment. Help you move better and feel good so you can enjoy life.




At Principle Four Osteopathy Melbourne CBD we believe the best osteopath is one who listens, gives you time you need, the attention you deserve, undertakes a thorough clinical assessment and provides you with safe, evidence based treatments and effective management options.  The best osteopath for you is usually an osteo who has experience treating your pain or discomfort; they take the time to ask good questions and understand what you want to achieve e.g. reduce pain, improve mobility, increase performance, work comfortably, sleep better or you may just want to get back to doing the things you love. For more information check out this article about how to choose the best melbourne cbd osteopath.




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