Single Arm Push Up – Base of support variation progression/regression

I was recently asked by a mate of mine to provide some thoughts around how we could look to progress one to being able to perform a single arm push up.  From my point of view this can be done a number of ways i.e.  altering the position of the body relative to the ground such as having them perform single arm push up against a wall and then gradually have them move to a lower height such as a table and then to the floor.  Another option is to look at altering ones base of support as demonstrated in the videos below.  I also believe using bands to assist with reducing the load might be useful in another way so that one can actually look to perform some volume work.    Incorporating several strategies that allows one to work on technique, volume and also addressing the weak aspects of their single arm push up will be of value.

Disclaimer:  the last video in this series (the attempt at the single arm push up) is pretty crappy 🙁