Powerband Assisted Bodyweight Horizontal Row / Exercise Regression Demonstrated By Principle Four Osteopathy

The bodyweight horizontal row is commonly prescribed at Principle Four Osteopathy because it provides a great deal of information to the practitioner with regards to the individuals ability to organise the body i.e. stabilise the lower body and trunk, pack the shoulders and also assesses their general strength with regards to pulling (moving their own body against gravity). It also requires minimal equipment and can be adjusted to suit an individuals ability easily i.e. raise or lower the bar, perform short or long lever version, reduced load with the assistance of a band and increased effort by changing the foot position.

Typically when someone is struggling to perform a bodyweight horizontal row or is struggling to get enough volume in, I will look to incorporate a number of variations to build strength and volume. This may include a short lever bodyweight row, band assisted full bodyweight row (as per video) and higher bar bodyweight row. The benefit of the band assisted row is that it allows the individual to perform a horizontal row through a full range of motion at a particular height. It requires lower limb and trunk stiffening in the position they are trying to perform a full bodyweight row in. Rather than pick just one strategy, I will often look to incorporate all three strategies, not necessarily in one session, but over the course of a week in ones training program so to expose them to all moves.

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