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A lot of clients who present to Principle Four Osteopathy with various postural complaints or specific musculoskeletal injuries relating to the shoulder, neck or back often lack back and shoulder strength.  The back and shoulder consists of many various muscles such as the lats, rhomboids, trapezius, multifidus, deltoids and rotator cuff muscles.

Training the back is often an area that doesn’t get the focus it deserves by many exercise enthusiasts. I am not sure if this is because it is a body part that cannot be easily seen in the mirror when trained. What I often explain to all of my clients is that a strong back and shoulders means you are more likely to develop a stronger chest press, squat and deadlift. Below are a number of YouTube videos that demonstrate some of the key back exercises that I believe anyone training in the gym should perform.

Chin Up

The Chin Up is probably one of the best exercises to perform for training the back. Its primary focus is on training the latissimus dorsi, however many other back muscles such as the traps, levator scapular, rotator cuff are trained in this movement.  It requires the individual to lift themselves up toward to the bar.  There are many various grips that the individual can adopt and this will vary the training effect on the back.  Check out the video below by the Poliquin Institute which outlines some different ways to improve and train the back.

Video Demonstration – YouTube – Poliquin Institute


Lat Pull Down

The Lat Pull Down is another favourite by many people to train the back.  Rather than pulling the body towards the bar in the chin up, the bar is pulled towards the individual.  There are many different bar types and grips that can be adopted to vary up the Lat Pull Down.

Video Demonstration – YouTube

Seated Row

The seated row is a great exercise to train the rhomboids, traps and shoulder muscles.  Similar to the Lat Pull Down, there are many different bar types and grips that can be adopted to train the back.

Video Demonstration – YouTube – Livestrong

Single Arm Dumbbell Row

A big favourite of mine.   The Single Arm Dumbbell Row requires the individual to stabilize the trunk and pull the weight up towards them.  This is a great exercise that trains the muscles around the scapular, shoulder and back.

Video Demonstration – YouTube

Face Pull

The Face Pull is a great exercise to train the back and shoulder muscles.  This is often an exercise that is missed in many peoples different training routines and is a must for developing good back and shoulder strength.

Video Demonstration – YouTube – Charles Poliquin



The Birddog is a great exercise to train the core and lower back.  It requires the individual to maintain good trunk stability and perform peripheral arm and leg movement.

Video Demonstration – YouTube

Back Extensions

The Back Extension is a great exercise to train the lower back muscles.  Adopting correct technique is very important to avoid causing or aggravating the lower back.

Video Demonstration – YouTube

If you would like to find out more about an exercise program, improving your posture and getting some advice on performing correct exercise techniques, be sure to book an appointment with Osteopath Heath Williams at Principle Four Osteopathy.  Osteopath Heath Williams is a Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach, FMS certified and practicing Osteopath.

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