Hamstring Stretch – Mobility & Flexibility Drills

Osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy has put together a number of his favourite hamstring mobility drills that can be performed for those looking to improve mobility through the hamstrings.  For those individuals with a history of lower limb or lower back complaints, please consult with your health professional (osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor or exercise physiologist) before trialling these.  These can be performed as static stretches or by adding gentle movement.

Hamstring Frog Mobiliser – Borrowed from Zuu

Hamstring Frog 1Hamstring Frog 2








Kneeling Hamstring Stretch – Concept of Tri Plane Stretch Borrowed From Gray Insitute

Kneeling Hamstring Stretch

Kneeling Hamstring Stretch 2

Kneeling Hamstring Stretch 3

Kneeling Hamstring Stretch 3