Building Your Grip Strength

When it comes to strength training, one of the most common areas missed with regards to a focus point (yet the grip is required for almost all conventional upper body, many trunk and lower body exercises).  So the question really should be, are you limiting your performance by not focusing on your grip? Is your grip limiting your performance in all other areas of your training?  Below are some great tools and various applications of these to help with building your grip strength.  Everyday I am required to use my hands when applying manual therapy and my hands are one of my most important tools in the body.  It would be absolutely crazy of me to assume that the manual work I do each day will be enough, when in fact I am likely to result in some type of overuse injury should I continue relying only on manual therapy to build a strong grip and forearms.  For those of you who use your hands and upper bodies for work, take the time to consider what you do in your training and whether you are getting the most out of your grip and training.