Photoerg0 Workstation Ergonomics Training For Health Professionals

Workstation ergonomic risk assessment training for the health professional

Enhance your clinical skill set by being able to conduct an in person or virtual office or home office workstation ergonomic risk assessment

Investment: $330 AUD

When: 16th October 2021 and 15th Jan 2022

Time: 8:30am – 4:00pm AEST

Educators: Heath Williams (osteo) and Wade Brennan (physio)

Learning Objectives

  • Review the role of occupational health and safety within a corporate work setting and understand the role we play as occupational health practitioners in this field
  • Identify workstation hazards and risks that incorporates all domains of ergonomics (cognitive, organisational and physical)
  • Apply best practice principles with regards to setting up a worker or client at their workstation
  • Learn how to setup and adjust all workstation equipment including chair, desk, footrest, keyboard, mouse, monitors, documents and telephones
  • Undertake an ergonomic risk assessment and implement solutions to eliminate or reduce hazards and risks based on the risk control hierarchy
  • Review common workstation ergonomic challenges and how to problem solve these to improve client/worker outcomes
  • Review real life case studies for the tall and short worker, the worker with lower back pain, neck/shoulder pain and upper limb pain
  • Review the latest ergonomic equipment accessories (desk, chair and other accessories) and when/how to prescribe these to improve client/worker outcomes:

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January Course @…/workstation-ergonomic…

Important Information

Attendees should look to arrange the following to be available for the day of the training:

  • A good internet connection
  • A home office ergonomic set up that includes: desk, ergonomic task chair i.e. preferably adjustable and if you have additional equipment at home i.e. keyboard, mouse, external monitor, laptop and/or monitor risers this will be helpful.
  • A tape measure
  • A smart phone with the option to download some recommended apps i.e light meter
  • A laptop/computer/tablet that has a video camera and audio so that you can participate in discussions and breakout activities.

Training materials

  • A PDF of the presentation, pdf and word document of the ergonomic risk assessment and consent form will be provided 24 hours prior to the training so that you can access these during the course
  • Following the course attendees will be provided with complimentary access to our workstation desk set up training course for health professionals. This course is 3 hours PD and is valued at $129 AUD. Find out more about this here.

What happens on the course day

  • The course will be hosted by osteopath Heath Williams and physiotherapist Wade Brennan via Zoom.
  • The course will involve a combination of presentations, as well as live demonstrations and small group activities in which we will allocate attendees to break out rooms.
  • Attendees will gain the necessary skills to assist with both providing advice to clients from their clinics, as well as proving a complete office or home office workstation ergonomic risk assessment either face to face or in an online format.