Workplace Ergonomic Risk Assessments And Training

Did you know that the biggest hazard for many office workers is their workstation (chair, desk, ergonomic computer accessories).  This combined with static postures, awkward postures and repetitive work tasks may increase ones chance of developing musculoskeletal strains and sprains.  The most common strains and sprains associated with office based work include neck pain, shoulder pain, upper limb pain and lower back pain.

Each and every workplace has a duty of care to their workers to ensure their health and safety and this should include providing workers with the appropriate work equipment to allow them to perform their job as well as undertake regular risk assessments and training in ergonomics assist in minimising their risks of developing musculoskeletal aches and pains.  It is also very important that the worker themselves also take a pro active approach to their own health and safety and this means making every effort to set their workstation up to suit their needs and enable comfortable working postures.  This also means workers should be pro active in taking regular breaks from the workstation to avoid static awkward postures for prolonged periods of time.

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Corporate Work Health Australia focuses on providing both risk assessments and training to workplaces and individuals in the area of ergonomics and manual handling.  The company has a team of allied health professionals (osteopaths, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists) across Australia to deliver these services.

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