Today’s workout was an absolute killer in at Elite Sports Performance today.  I had Martyn Girvan take me through a Kettlebell Ladder workout.  The idea behind this type of workout was to push me into my lactate threshold region for repeat efforts.  Prior to this workout, the heaviest kettlebell swing that I had performed before was 32kg.  So my technique had to be spot on today.

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The Kettlebell Ladder Workout

Kettlebell Swings – 10 Reps, 3 Sets

Set 1.

  1. 16kg * 10
  2. 20kg * 10
  3. 24kg * 10
  4. 28kg * 10
  5. 32g * 10
  6. 36kg *10
  7. 40kg *10
  8. 48kg*10
  9. 54kg*10
  10. 48kg*10
  11. 40kg*10
  12. 36kg*10
  13. 32kg*10
  14. 28kg*10
  15. 24kg*10
  16. 20kg*10
  17. 16kg*10

Total – 170 reps

Repeat 3 times

Rest:  Approximately 5 minutes between each set.

Martyn mentioned that each set should take approximately 7 – 8 minutes.  Totalling a workout in about 40 minutes.  This took me 57 minutes.  I started out rather quickly and almost blew a gasket in the workout on the first set.  The second set I was better prepared and more planned out.  It actually felt rather good.  By the third set I was pushing hard to get through it.

A few pointers that I learnt today whilst performing this workout.

1.  Use Chalk where possible.  By my 100 rep approximately I was absolutely dripping with sweat.  So dry the hands so that you can have a good grip.

2.  Snap through the hips and quads in this exercises to avoid over extending the lower back and potentially aggravating it.

3.  Push through the pain barrier.

Following this workout I performed a few conditioning and mobility exercises.

  1. Hyperextensions 4* 10 reps (literally to take the body through some range of motion)
  2. Powerband Hip Mobility 2 minutes each of the 3 different powerband positions.
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