Why Not Try Some Different Push Up Positions?

The push up is a both an exercise and test that I will commonly assess and prescribe for clients in their training program because it develops upper body strength and the ability to brace/hold their trunk in a stable position.  The thing about the push up is that it can get very boring quickly if you are performing the same type of movement over and over again. Once you have mastered the technique of the push up and also being able to push your body away from the floor against gravity, then we need to look at how we can add some movement variability into the push up exercise.

The reason I like to play around and vary the push up exercise is that we can then look to change hand and feet positions which requires you as the individual to modify and adapt to being able to build strength through different ranges of motion against gravity.

Below are some examples of how you might like to try and vary up your push up exercise routine.   So next time, rather than performing 5-10 sets of 10-20 push ups, perhaps look at splitting your push up program it 2 sets 10-20 push ups for 5 different variations.  Your body will thank you as you put it in new positions and will respond by developing greater strength and power.


Dynamic Push Up With Varied Hand & Foot Positions – This push up routine is great for building explosive strength and should only be performed in you are competent at performing the push up.


Push Up With Leg Driver


Push Up With Finger Loading