Weight Training Considerations For Individuals With Anterior Shoulder Instability: Article Review

I was recently reading the article titled “Weight Training Modifications for the Individual With Anterior Shoulder Instability” that was published in 2010 and thought I would highlight some of the key take home messages.  To purchase this article, please click here.

Key Take Home Messages 

  • This article (now 5 years old we must remember) reported that the research at the time revealed that 36% of weight training injuries and disorders occur at the shoulder joint complex.
  • The definition given for shoulder instability is one where there is an inability to maintain the humeral head centred within the glenoid fossa.
  • The definition of anterior shoulder instability given was where there is excessive translation (movement0 of the humeral head anteriorly on the glenoid fossa.
  • The cause of anterior humeral head instability is multifactorial, with some causes being traumatic external rotation, muscle imbalances and lengthening of the anterior shoulder joint structures.
  • Individuals with anterior shoulder instability are susceptible to abducted and externally rotated positions.  Also described as the high 5 position.
  • Individuals with anterior shoulder instability should be mindful of and avoid or modify exercises that place their upper limb in an abducted and externally rotated position, some examples include: pectoral stretch, behind the neck pull down, military press and backsquat.
  • The suggestions to modify these include keeping the arm below shoulder height when stretching the pectoral muscles, pull the bar to the chest instead of the back on the pull down, bring the bar to the chest instead of behind the neck on a military press and to perform a front squat instead of a back squat.
  • It must be noted that by modifying these exercises, that there is likely to be a different mechanical loading on the body and therefore the focus/outcome of the exercise will change slightly.

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