Principle Four Osteopaths Jarrod Testa, Health Williams and Tim McNamara attended the course titled – Lyn Watsons – The Sporting Shoulder. This course was held at Melbourne Shoulder Group in Prahran, by Simon Ballister. Simon also had help from various shoulder specialist physiotherapists working there. Simon and Lyn have been treating shoulders for the past 25 years, and are considered world renowned experts in the field.

Initially I jumped at the opportunity to attend this seminar, as previously I have felt that the shoulder is often poorly rehabilitated, diagnosed and managed in general practice. I found this out early on in my weight training career, where I had to manage my own shoulder injury, that was unable to be rehabilitated in private practice by various professionals. It was also a colleague of Lyn Watson that sparked my interest into rehabilitation in the first place, when I started the journey to my own shoulder rehabilitation and getting back to my own goals in the gym.

The course was extremely informative, and mainly tailored towards aspects of shoulder instability that we can come across in everyday practice that are often missed. These included anterior/posterior instability and multidirectional instability.  The presenters also covered in depth shoulder pathology, in terms of symptomatic presentation, and what to expect on a radiograph.

In depth rehabilitation strategies were also covered, based on the presenting symptoms. Strategies ran from initial onset to returning to perform, and were based purely on shoulder mechanics and the frame work around efficient shoulder movement.

Overall, I found this course extremely informative, and I would recommend it to any clinician wanting to further their knowledge base in shoulder rehabilitation and pathology. The main take away applied to my own patient base so far is the importance of scapula upward rotation with movement in the symptomatic shoulder. Simon and Lyn are both advocates of this, and their research over the years has demonstrated this clinically and theoretically.

At Principle Four, we aim to continue furthering our knowledge, so that we are can continue to help as many patients as we can.

This blog post was written by Principle Four Osteopathy osteopath Jarrod Testa.

Jarrod Testa Photo 1 The Sporting Shoulder Pd Workshop / Review By P4O Osteopath Jarrod Testa

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