The side plank is another exercise that focuses on developing trunk and core stability.  It is similar to the plank in that the individual must brace and hold their body up against gravity.







The image above on the left demonstrates the trunk position that the individual must adopt to perform the side plank.  Key pointers for this technique is that the weight bearing elbow must sit directly below the shoulder.  The trunk must be kept in a straight line as demonstrated by the line.  The feet must be on top of each other.  There must be no rotation through the trunk during this exercise and breathing must be normal throughout the exercise.

Progressing and Regressing The Exercise

From the image above, this exercise can be progressed by moving to the hand side plank position as demonstrated in the image on the right.  Dynamic trunk rotation can be added to the side plank and dynamic movement of the legs (into abduction, flexion or extension) can also be added.  This exercise can be regressed by having the individual start in the side plank position with the knees on the ground. Other regressions include having the client start in a standing position and leading against a wall.

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