The Functional Movement Screen was created by American Physiotherapist Gray Cook.  It is a 7 step assessment that allows the assessor to give the client a score 0-21 on their functional abilities.  A score less than 14 suggests that the client is more at risk of injury.  A score above 14 suggests that client is at less risk of injury if they exercise.

The FMS screen has been used by many elite sporting teams in the United States.  Please click here to see who has used it.

The FMS screen involves looking at the following movements and giving the individual a score of between 0-3.

FMS Screen looks at the following movements:

1.  Overhead Squat

2.  Single Leg Step Up/Over

3.  In Line Lunge

4.  Active Straight Leg Raise

5.  Shoulder Mobility

6.  Push Up

7.  Rotational Stability

If you would like to undergo an FMS screen to determine your risk of injury for exercise to undergo a corrective exercise program to improve your dysfunctions, then book an appointment at Principle Four Osteopathy.

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