The Front Squat

I was recently reading the article “The Front Squat and Its Variations” that was published in 2007 in the National Strength and Conditioning Journal and thought I would write a short blog on the front squat and some of the common ways one can vary this.  If you would like to read this article in full detail, you can purchase it by clicking here.


The Front Squat

  • Is a great alternative exercise for the legs.  Other commonly prescribed leg exercises include the back squat, lunge, step up/down and leg press.
  • The front squat requires the individual to maintain a more upright trunk position when performing this to the back squat, therefore one might prescribe this if you are looking to reduce the likelihood of one perhaps leaning forward through the trunk when performing a back squat.
  • The common grip associated with a front squat is a “clean grip”, where the individual will hold the bar slightly wider than their shoulders and have the bar resting on finger tips and against ones anterior deltoids.
  • For those individuals with poor shoulder mobility or perhaps requiring further technique training, other common hand holds include:  front squats with crossed arms and front squats with straight arms.


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