Post 4 1 Strength And Conditioning Professional Development For Health Professionals

If you are an osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor or myotherapist interested in integrating exercise into your consultations with clients, then make sure you sign up to this course.

Osteopath and Strength and Conditioning Coaches Heath Williams and Jarrod Testa have put together 7 workshops / 10.5 hours of online professional development that incorporates lectures, practical demonstrations and case studies.

We are currently offering a Lockdown Special for all those practitioners who are currently working limited hours (Vic, SA and NSW practitioners).

Sign up today and get almost 1/2 your annual cpd hours with our online course10.5 hours of content across 7 online short courses.

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10.5 hours – Strength and conditioning for allied health professionals bundle package – $395

Includes our 7 workshops

  • Introduction to exercise workshop
  • Squat fundamentals workshop
  • Hinge fundamentals workshop
  • Upper body push fundamentals workshop
  • Upper body pull fundamentals workshop
  • Single leg and lunge
  • Trunk


  • Clinical education developed by health professionals for health professionals-Learn at your own pace via our online education platform
  • Incorporating lectures and practical video demonstrations on how to modify, regress and progress exercises
  • Certificate of completion awarded for each course
  • PD-$395 (GST included)


Heath WilliamsOsteopath / Strength and Conditioning Coach

Jarrod TestaOsteopath / Strength and Conditioning Coach