In the video below you will see osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy demonstrating the step up exercise and a number of the variations that can be adopted. The step up is a great exercise because it is a not only a movement that many of us perform on a daily basis i.e. walking up and down stairs etc, it also allows us to train each side of the body independently and requires one to stabilise their trunk and upper body.

In the video below you will see the following:

  • Step up direction (anterior, lateral or rotational)
  • Load hold (bilateral or single arm)
  • Load position (arm by side, at chest or overhead)
  • Same side load hold versus opposite side load hold

Other factors that should also be considered include:

  • Hip versus knee dominance
  • Box height
  • Tempo
  • Load
  • Sets
  • Reps
  • Speed

This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams. Principle Four Osteopathy is located at 178 Collins St Melbourne City CBD 3000.

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