Neck and shoulder pain are two of the most common aches and pains associated with sitting at desk all day.

Ergonomic Posture






How many of us sitting at the desk end up appearing like the lady on the left? It is probably fair to say that almost everyone who sits for their job will at least once in the day adopt a posture like this. Whilst this type of posture is not going to be of great concern if we only adopt it for short periods of time infrequently, if we end up spending long periods of our day sitting like this, then the chances of us developing neck, shoulder and back pain are probably high.

Simple Tips To Improve Your Workstation Posture

1. Set your chair up correctly. That is, when sitting in the chair, the forearms should be parallel with the the desk or just above it when working at the correct seated height. Be sure to adjust the lumbar back rest support to give you enough back support.
2. Monitor. The monitor should approximately 50-60cm from you. When looking straight ahead, your eyeline should hit the top 1/3 of the monitor.
3. Keyboard. This should be approximately 10cm from the edge of the desk.
4. Mouse. This should be adjacent to the keyboard. Avoid over reaching and stretching with the arm.
5. Telephone. If used frequently. Keep it nearby and see if you can use a hands free headset.

Neck and Shoulder Stretching

Please see the images below for examples of common stretching that may help reduce tension developing in your neck and shoulders whilst working at the computer. Please note: If you currently suffer from any neck or shoulder pain, please see your Osteopath or General Practitioner for further advice on what stretches you should perform.
As with all stretching, it should never hurt. Please hold the stretches gently for 20-30 seconds and repeat several times throughout the day.

Shoulder stretch



Shoulder stretch







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