Single Leg Squat Exercise Drill Progressions – An Osteopaths Perspective

The single leg squat or pistol squat as it is commonly known is often seen as the pinnacle of single leg strength that many people look to achieve.  The single leg squat is a very challenging exercise because one requires a good balance of mobility, stability, coordination and strength.  The single leg squat is certainly an exercise that I am hoping to work towards achieving as a goal for myself and I have highlighted below some examples of what one could include in their program to help them move towards this.  When it comes to training for an exercise goal and setting out a plan, I would recommend focusing on the key elements required to perform one, this being the mobility requirements (foot/ankle, hip and spine mobility requirements), balance, control and coordination requirements and strength components.  Therefore it is important to look at training the start, mid and end phases of the movement, practicing the movement to develop appropriate motor control and working on the strength/endurance components for the lower limb.  Below are a few drills that might help with one developing the single leg squat.