Signs Of Struggling When Completing An Exercise

I recently attended the primal movement patterns course by Perry Nickelston in Melbourne and during the course it was reinforced to me that often we as individuals will be perhaps struggling during an exercise and we may well be exhibiting various signs that can give us clues that we should look to perhaps regress the exercise (this can be done in many ways and include increasing ones stability, reducing their range of motion through the exercise, reduce speed of movement, reduce complexity of the exercise, reduce load associated with the exercise to name a few).

Since undertaking the course I have been much more focused on looking for this in both my clients and also my own training.  Common features of struggling would often be associated with holding ones breathe throughout the exercise and scrunching ones face or hands up.  Other important signs to look out that Perry taught included jaw clenching, eye tracking, loss of ability to control oneself, toe curling and or gripping, stiffness, reduced range of motion and fist clenching.

Next time you are undertaking an exercise or teaching one, be sure to look out for these signs.  If you are exhibiting one or more, then perhaps it might be time to regress the exercise to master it before progressing.

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