Shockwave Therapy Melbourne

Shockwave therapy, more commonly known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) offers a non invasive treatment solution for long term insertion and soft tissue pathologies.  Common conditions that Shockwave therapy may be worth trying for include plantar fasciopathy, achilles tendinopathy, hamstring origin tendinopathy, patellar tendinopathy and medial and lateral epicondylopathy.  Click the link to read more Shockwave Patient Guide Flyer.


Chattanooga Shockwave Therapy Melbourne

Chattanooga RPW are compressed air-ballistic shockwave generators.  The shockwave is generated with a precision ballistic mechanism in the handpiece which accelerates a projectile by compressed air.  The motion and weight of the projective produce kinetic energy which translates along the the transmitter into a sound energy form as an acoustic wave.  the acoustic wave is transmitted into the tissue via a coupling gel and this is known as radial pressure wave therapy.

Radial pressure waves offers a non invasive solution for these complaints and it is believed that the physical effects of radial pressure waves create increased cell membrane permeability metabolically which allows old damanged and weakened cells to be removed and replaced with health viable cells, shockwaves also help to modulate the amount of nocioceptive activity and decreasing the pain signal and increases blood circulation in tissues which may stimulate the healing process.


Should your practitioner feel that you may benefit from shockwave treatment, they will discuss this with you and outline the suggested treatment plan.  Usually the process involves treating the site of pain and placing the applicator against the skin tissue.  During the initial phase of treatment there may be some pain which indicates correct targeting of the problem area.  During the later phases of treatment you may feel less pain.

Each shockwave session may last approximately 10 minutes in which you may receive somewhere between 1500-3000 shockwaves depending on the region being addressed and suggested treatment protocol.   It is usually recommended that individuals undergo between 3-6 sessions.  Treatments may be carried out every 5-8 days and should you feel any discomfort following the session icing and analgesia may help.

Contraindications to shockwave include pregnancy, bleeding and blood coagulation disorders, skin wounds or acute inflammation in the treatment area and tumours in the treatment area.   Click here to read more about indications and contraindications.

There are currently a number of published scientific studies that you are welcome to review that demonstrate positive outcomes.



For all standard osteopathy consultations (initial and return consultations), there will be no additional cost if used within the consultation.  Our initial osteopathy consultation is $120 (60 minute consult) and our return standard osteopathy consults are $95 (30-40 minutes).

Should your practitioner feel you will benefit from just undergoing a shockwave treatment session, the cost of these sessions are $50.  We would advise you allow 10-20 minutes for these consultations.    Should you have any questions about whether Shockwave therapy will be of benefit to you, please call 0396799290 or email  For those individuals who are not existing clients of Principle Four Osteopathy who have been prescribed shockwave therapy by your practitioner, we require you to book an initial osteopathy + shockwave consultation to determine its suitability.


Simply call 0396709290 or book online here.  If you would like to read more about it, please click the link Shockwave Patient Guide Flyer