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Scapular Stabilisation Exercises

I was recently reading the article titled “Scapular Stabilization Rehab Exercise Prescription” that was published in the Strength and Conditioning Journal in 2006 and thought I would discuss some of the key take home messages from the article.

Scapular stabilisation is generally seen to be an important part of the rehab process for upper limb injuries and one must have appropriate stability when undertaking any strength and conditioning or athletic performance training. As an osteopath we see individuals presenting to the clinic on a regular basis and often poor scapular movement or control is picked up in the assessment and addressed as part of the rehab strategy.

Key Messages From The Article

  • The main muscles providing stability around the scapular include the rhomboids, trapezius and serratus anterior muscles.
  • Weakness of these scapular muscles may lead to altered scapulohumeral rhythm which may increase ones risk of injury.
  • Scapular dysfunction has been reported to be found in the majority of rotator cuff problems and in 100% of glenohumeral instability complaints.
  • The reported top exercises for scapular stablisation include:  Rowing and unilateral shrug for the upper trapezius, horizontal abduction (neutral) and shoulder horizontal extension with external rotation and overhead arm raise in line with the lower trapezius (prone position), Abduction or rowing or overhead arm raise with line with the lower trapezius (prone position) for the lower trapezius, horizontal abduction for the rhomboids and push up plus or shoulder abduction plane of scapular above 120 degrees for serratus anterior.
  • A healthy shoulder joint should be able to perform all movements in a controlled state (elevation, depression, protraction, retraction, medial and lateral rotation).

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