This blog idea had initially started out with a review of the Slingshot that was developed by Powerlifter Mark Bell.  Since then it has sort of morphed its way into this and a little more.  I figured that whilst I am talking about training the chest with Slingshot, I might as put down some thoughts on how to build a bigger bench.

For those of you who are too impatient to wait and find out about the Slingshot please click on the link here to read more.  I have also posted a YouTube video below that demonstrates it in action.

Before I started training at Elite Sports Performance I had never seen and heard of the slingshot before.  Typically Saturdays at Elite Sports Performance is Max Upper Body Day and whilst I generally only join the lighter lifting brigade, I have seen it used in conjunction with a number of other training approaches that have helped those individuals increase their bench press max.  As a result of this, I purchased the Slingshot and have recently started training with it.

Taking A Look At The Slingshot

The slingshot is one large elastic strap that allows the individual to place their arms through each hole and forces the individuals arms closer to one another.  See the image below that I sourced from the internet.