Frozen shoulder (adhesive capsulitis) is a condition that impacts the shoulder and is typically characterized by 3 phases. The first phase usually starts with the shoulder being inflamed and irritated with a progressing level of movement restriction (freezing stage), the second phase usually characterised by less pain, but limited movement of the shoulder (frozen stage) and the third resulting in greater movement of the shoulder (thawing stage). Each stage can last 3-6 months and usually the condition resolves within 12-18 months.

Treatment and management usually involves pain management and activity/adl modification. Some clients may benefit from a hydrodilatation via the referral from their general practitioner or sports medical practitioner. Manual therapy focusing on the neck, mid back and shoulder girdle may provide some symptom relief. During the second and third phases we typically try to encourage more use of upper limb within the limitations of the clients ability and tolerance to discomfort. Some of the exercises that we may look to prescribe are shown below in the video.

For those currently suffering from frozen shoulder, we recommend you consult a health practitioner for advice on specific treatment and management.

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