Principle Four Osteopathy Meets Vault Performance and  Crossfit 224









This week Principle Four Osteopathy were taken through a Crossfit Exercise Technique and Training session at Vault Performance Crossfit 224 by Crossfit Coach and Personal Trainer Andy Trinh.  This follows on from our previous coaching session with Andy that covered the olympic lifts.


This Weeks Coaching Session

Was focused on some common gymnastic exercises.  These included:

  • Hollow Holds and Arches – Floor
  • Hollow Holds and Arches – Bar
  • Front Levers +/- bodyweight and bands
  • Front Levers +/- bodyweight and bands with hand release
  • Kipping Pull Ups +/- bands
  • Ring Accessory Exercises
  • Hand Stand Push Ups
  • Hands Stands
  • Wall Walks
  • Kipping Hand Stand Push Ups

This was a great session and I have included a few pictures of our session.














About Coach Andy Trinh

Andy started lifting in 2006 and pursued as a personal trainer ever since. Having been in a globo gym his whole life, he was missing the satisfaction and accomplishment you get from doing the same weekly routine.

Andy’s first exposure to Crossfit was during early 2012. It wasn’t until late 2012 he experienced and incorporated it into his training. After realising the benefits of a well structured Crossfit program, he now understands much more about human movement and strength & conditioning.

Andy’s Qualifications

  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • Crossfit Strongman Trainer
  • CrossFit Powerlifting Trainer
  • CrossFit Olympic Lifting Trainer
  • The Outlaw 3 Day Training Camp – The Para Bellum Series
  • Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting Level 1&2
  • Titan Australia Powerlifting Coach Level 1
  • Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
  • Senior First Aid














Osteopath Tim McNamara practicing his band assisted levers.


Why Should An Osteopath Know & Practice Crossfit Exercises?

It seems like almost 1 in every 2 people you meet these days does Crossfit eh! Whilst this is not necessarily true, more and more people are taking up this sport as well as introducing olympic lifting, gymnastic moves, powerlifting and other strength training into their everyday workout.  At Principle Four Osteopathy we believe it is important to have tried as many exercises as possible so that when you come to see us at our clinic, we will have a better understanding of what it is you do, why an injury may occur and what you can do from a mobility, stability or motor control standpoint to maximise performance and reduce your risk of injury.

     Handstand Push Up  Wall Walk












About Vault Performance Crossfit 224 

“Vault Performance and CrossFit 224 is an innovative, CrossFit accredited training centre in the Melbourne CBD offering programs for individuals, groups and elite athletes. CrossFit is a revolutionary strength and conditioning program. Workouts are high intensity consisting of functional movements that are constantly varied which gives you a program that eliminates routine and challenges participants each and every session to strive to be the best they can be. The name of the business “Vault Performance” was inspired by the strength and resilience synonymous with the basement or “strong room” of the building and the actual old bank vaults where the training centre is located.

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This blog was written by Osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy.


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