Principle Four Osteopathy meets Melbourne Calisthenics











Principle Four Osteopathy were lucky enough to be shown through Melbourne Calisthenics and be taken through a 2 hour session with owner Alex Jenkins.

Todays session included a great range of mobility and upper body, core and lower body activation drills to get us ready for some strength work.  The main strength work took us through the basics of calisthenics and Alex was able to regress and progress the exercises to suit our own individual needs.

For those of you who are looking to try something different to your everyday gym workout routine or look to add in some bodyweight strength work, I cannot recommend Alex at Melbourne Calisthenics anymore highly.  Today we were introduced to a wide variety of strength exercises on the bars, paralletes, rings and floor.


About Melbourne Calisthenics



Melbourne “street-workout” Calisthenics is for anyone interested in progressing in street style calisthenics.

Drawing on influences like Hannibal for king, Frank Medrano and the Barstarzz crew, we as a group aim to motivate and inspire you to become better than you are now and to achieve everything that you are capable of. Many of the exercises and stretches are used in disciplines such as Gymnastics, Bodybuilding, Ballet, Yoga and Pilates. They are used in balance to promote strength, flexibility and energy throughout the body.

The main form of resistance used in calisthenics is the body’s own weight. True strength and power comes from within a healthy, balanced and energised body and mind.

These attributes are achieved from the regular practice of calisthenic exercise and an adherence to a wholesome nutritional diet and lifestyle.

Melbourne Calisthenics has Melbourne’s first street workout dedicated indoor warehouse gym.

Based in North Melbourne, we operate daily classes and one-on-one personal training. We also offer mobile training around Melbourne Metro.

We hold crew meet-ups for all levels and abilities every Saturday and Sunday morning at 11am, this takes place at MCHQ in the Winter and at Eades Place Park in the Summer.


Some Photos and Videos From Todays Session With Alex At Melbourne Calisthenics