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I am not sure if it is that time of the year, but lately I have had more than than the usual number of pregnant women presenting to the clinic for the treatment of either lower back/pelvic pain or mid to upper thoracic and shoulder pain. These ladies have presented at various stages of the pregnancy, ranging from 8 weeks through to full term. Just last week I had a full term client present to the clinic with groin/pubic symphysis pain that had developed several days prior to the consult, she was walking with great difficulty and it was clear the degree of instability in and around the SIJ, pubic symphysis was a big cause of this. Several hours later (5 hours) that night she gave birth to a healthy young boy.

Pregnancy can have a big impact on ones body and how the stresses are distributed through the body. Every individual is very different and whilst many women often have no issues at all, there are many women who do develop various musculoskeletal pains. Physiologically there are many changes throughout a pregnancy, with the majority of weight put on in the tummy area, this has a big impact on the pelvis, lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine. In addition to this, hormonal changes resulting in increased laxity of the ligaments results in a greater stress on the supporting soft tissue structures. Common pregnancy conditions that need to be considered, treated and managed appropriately include lumbopelvic instability, pubic symphysis diastasis, linea alba/abdominal separation and general tightness/compensation in the spine and surrounding soft tissues.

The Sacroiliac belt has been a saviour for many of my clients with pelvic instability issues during the pregnancy and can be purchased easily on the web. Diane Lee is a renowned Canadian Physiotherapist who published several books and is considered one of the worlds leaders in the treatment of these issues should be looked up and read further if you often treat women during and after pregnancy.

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