In the video below you will see one of Principle Four Osteopathy clients demonstrating a number of different exercises that all focus on the posterior chain.

Video 1 you will see a dowel stick hinge patterning exercises that is being used to teach spinal position whilst hinging. This is the pre requisite prior to performing a romanian deadlift (stiff legged deadlift) that primarily focuses on gluteal and hamstring loading. This exercise is great for those wishing to load the gluteals and hamstrings in an upright manner, as well challenge trunk position with posterior loading and loading the hamstrings eccentrically.

Video 2 and 3 are ground based exercises that are focusing largely on the gluteal and hamstring muscles from a stable position. In one video you will see a band resisted hip bridge with active abduction against the band resistance at the top of the movement (focusing on hip extension and abduction) whereas the other video focuses on hip extension combined with single leg lift which places all the load onto the grounded leg, but also requires one to maintain good pelvic and trunk stability.

If you are looking to add exercise to your weekly routine or are currently dealing with a number of musculoskeletal complaints that you would like to better self manage and address with exercise, then make sure you touch base with us at Principle Four Osteopathy.