P4O Attends Introduction To Kettlebells For Rehabilitation Workshop

Principle Four Osteopathy practitioners Heath Williams, Shaun Coghlan and Tim McNamara recently attended the one day introduction to kettlebells for rehabilitation workshop that was led by osteopath Nick Etfhimiou and S&C coach James Ross at GS Science in Richmond Melbourne.  In this workshop Nick and James provided a framework for rehabilitation and how kettlebells can be incorporated into ones rehabilitation based on a principle led approach.  Typically kettlebells are seen as a tool for strength and conditioning only when in fact the unique design of the kettlebell is such that it has many practical applications to exercise and rehab.  As Nick and James taught yesterday, rehab and performance are not that different and that simply one sits at one end of the continuum and the the other at the other end.  Below are a couple of pics and videos from yesterdays great workshop.  Next time you are in at P4O, don’t be surprised if the kettlebell is incorporated into your rehab program :).

In the above image we see Nick showing osteopath Brendan of CSC Melbourne the start point of the bottom up kettlebell press.