Overhead Press | Returning From Injury

The overhead press has been an exercise that I have not been able to do for sometime without pain due to a shoulder complaint.  As a result I took a good 4 months off from pressing overhead and worked on all my deficit areas (thoracic spine mobility, overhead shoulder flexion as well building strength in and around my shoulders – shrugs to help with upward rotation, rotator cuff strengthening (primarily external rotators).  This injury came about no doubt from a combination of work and lifestyle factors that ultimately resulted in overuse and irritation.  Now that it is much improved, I have started again with the overhead pressing.  Initially I worked on kettlebells (bottom up) pressing single arm, then progressing to kettlebells from rack position to football bar and then into the military press.  My programming was also altered, starting with pressing overhead once every 2 weeks, then to every 10-12 days and now I have included pressing on a weekly basis.  I also reverted back to higher rep ranges of 10-12 for 3-4 sets before gradually changing this up to 4 sets 8-10 and then to rep ranges of 5-8.  The overhead press is a great exercise for those wishing to build upper body strength along with the bench press and pulling movements (chin up, bodyweight row etc).  If you are currently suffering from an injury and are not sure what is going on or where to take things, then be sure to pop in and see one of the osteopaths at Principle Four Osteopathy.

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