Osteopath, S&C Coach and Movement Enthusiast Uploads 1 New Exercise A Day To Instagram

Principle Four Osteopathy osteopath Heath Williams has set himself a goal to release one new exercise or mobility video or image each day for the rest of the year.  His aim is to provide 365 unique exercises or mobility videos or images for those who are looking for some new exercise and mobility ideas.  This is also Heath’s personal instagram account, so there may well be a mix of holiday snaps and other interesting images thrown in amongst the images.

You can check out Osteopath Heath Williams Instagram account by searching for @HeathP4Osteopathy.

To date we have 81 videos or images relating to upper or lower body strength and mobility exercises.  Some of these include both traditional and functional takes on body weight exercises and static or dynamic mobility drills.

Click the link here to view some of the many exercises on the instagram account https://instagram.com/heathp4osteopathy/

Be sure to sign up and follow him on his attempt to release one new video or image each day. Feel free to spread the news to friends, colleagues or family who may be interested in trying out some of these mobility and strength exercises.

Osteopath Heath Williams is owner and director of Principle Four Osteopathy which is located in the Melbourne CBD and Docklands.  Heath has a special interest in strength and conditioning, mobility and performance.  He is level 2 ASCA strength and conditioning coach and certified in FMS, SFMA and CAFS (gray institute).  Check out our clinic at www.principlefourosteopathy.com.




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