Tendinopathy Course- Upper and Lower Limb

Osteopath Abbas Din of Principle Four Osteopathy recently attended a tendinopathy course by specialist Dr.Peter Malliaras who looked at rehabilitation exercises for tendon injuries. Please read Abbas report on this below.

Tendinopathy Course Review By Osteopath Abbas Din

Through understanding the physiology, biomechanics and clinical aspects of tendon rehab, we learnt that there can be two type of tendon injuries, acute reactive or degenerative. Depending on the type of tendinopathy we were shown how physical therapists can effectively treat these injuries with better clinical outcomes.

Recent collaborative studies and evidence based medicine have shown that in order for tendons to repair themselves a load needs to be placed upon them to stimulate tenocytes to repair the tendon. For example with Achilles tendinopathy, we were shown that the Alfredson’s painful heel drop was most effective exercise to rehabilitate the Achilles tendon and that a moderate amount of pain was part of the rehabilitation process (as long as the pain subsides within 24hours after aggravation with the rehab exercises).

Stretching was also not advised with tendon rehab as stretching a degenerative tendon may cause compression at the site of pain leading to further wear and tear of the structure. Again loading the tendon with weights had much improved clinical outcomes than compared with stretching alone.

The most effective exercises for tendon rehab included controlled eccentric exercises that isolated the tendon. For example:-

* Achilles – double leg/single leg calf raisers
* Patella (jumpers knee)- Squats/ Leg Extensions
* Lateral epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow)- Eccentric Dumbbell wrist extensions

There is still much to learn about tendon injuries but from recent studies by Dr.Peter Malliaras and others, osteopaths can help their patients improve their tendinopathy recovery and decrease their pain levels by combining both physical therapy and corrective rehabilitative exercises that will help improve the outcome of these difficult and often frustrating re-occurring injuries.

Abbas Din will also be attending a 3day minimal lever course in August by Dr.Daryl Herbert that will be integrated with his osteopathic adjustment treatment plans to help his patients recover quicker from spinal and joint related dysfunctions.

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