This week I am off to complete the Mulligan Concepts course for the lower limb and pelvis with Physiotherapist Kim Robinson of Manual Concepts.  Kim was a great teacher at the last Mulligan Concepts Upper Limb and Neck course that I attended and I have found the techniques that I learnt on the previous course to be very useful in the treatment and management of tennis elbow conditions, shoulder complaints and acute and chronic neck conditions.

This weeks course should show us how to use the Mulligan concepts in relation to the treatment and management of lower back pain, hip, knee and foot/ankle injuries.   The course will apply some of the NAGS and SNAGS techniques as created by New Zealand Physiotherapist Brian Mulligan.  We are also likely to learn a number of Mobilisation with Movement techniques and seatbelt assisted techniques.  So watch this space for an update next week on techniques learnt.

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