Medicine Ball Wood Chop – Rotation Exercise Progressions

The wood chop (low to high or high to low chop) exercise is a great exercise for those wishing to train ones core in the transverse plane. There are many variations on the wood chop exercise (chop and lift exercise or bent or straight arm movement as one moves across the mid line from a low to high or high to low start and finish position).  Add to this the many different tools that one can use (cable + handle, medicine ball or dumbbell) as well as positions one can adopt (seated, tall kneeling, split stance kneeling, standing split stance or standing bilateral or single leg stance) with either a static or dynamic movement pattern. Therefore you can see that the one exercise can be varied in many ways, not forgetting the sets, reps, speed of movement, rest breaks etc etc.  In the videos below you will see a few progressions starting from the ground and building to standing (going from increased stability to less stability effectively).  These are just a few different ideas and there are many other versions that could be added into this progression model.