The Power Band is a great tool that can be used for corrective exercise and rehabilitation exercises for the knee, hip, foot & ankle. Many individuals who suffer from hip, knee or foot & ankle injuries often find themselves having dysfunctional movement patterns. They are often found to be quite weak in certain muscles of the lower extremity and often have a tendency to over work other muscles in the lower the limb. The Power Band is a tool that can be used as an adjunct to training and can be used to provide resistance to exercises as well as stability. In the videos below I have demonstrated how the Power Band can be used to assist in the lunge exercise. If you don’t have a Power Band in the clinic or studio, Thera Band or Tubing Band can be used in a similar way. I have prescribed these exercises for clients who have presented with poor squat and lunge movement patterns, as well as for those with poor single leg strength. These clients have often had weak gluteal muscles, VMO and/or other dysfunctions in the lower extremity.

The Power Band can be used for improving ones squat pattern, single leg squat, step up & down movement patterns and lunge.

In the video above, Alex of Jon Weller PT Studio is demonstrating a static lunge with the Power Band creating an adduction pull on the leg (Alex is having to resist this movement and keep his leg straight).

In the video above, Alex is now demonstrating a static lunge movement with the Power Band causing an abduction pull.

In this exercise above, Alex has dropped into a half squat and is laterally walking. He is having to overcome the resistance of the power band as he crab walks left and right. This is a great exercise for working the gluteals.

If you currently suffer from hip, knee, foot & ankle pain or a chronic ongoing injury, then it might be of benefit to book in and undertake a functional movement screen and osteopathic consultation. Osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy will be able to give you an understanding of what your injury is, why it is occurring and how to best correct it. To find out more about Principle Four Osteopathy, please check out To speak to an Osteopath or make an appointment, please call 03 9670 9290 or email

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