Kinetic Link Training is a full body approach to training that integrates the kinetic chain and looks to build mobility and strength through movements rather than an isolated muscle approach that is typically seen in many conventional gyms through the use of machines that maximise stability and isolate muscle stress in one particular region.

In the video below you will see osteopath Heath Williams (KLT Level 2 Trainer) demonstrating two different exercises that look to train the body in the frontal plane (laterally). You will see a weight shifting squat with a dumbbell lateral and overhead press as well as a lateral lunge with dumbbell lateral press and overhead press.

When it comes to training the body, again we usually only see the sagittal plane (forwards/backwards) and vertical (up/down) plane trained in the gym. The body is built to move in all directions (360 degrees) and does on a daily basis. So why not look to incorporate training across all planes of motion to build a more robust body that can handle ground reaction force, gravity force and external loads across all directions.

Osteopaths Heath Williams (Level 2 KLT) and Shaun Coghlan (Level 1 KLT) are both trained in Kinetic Link Training and train with KLT movements in their everyday programs themselves. If you would like to book a KLT training session with one of our osteopaths, please click here.

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