There are a number of patients who often present to the Osteopathy clinic for the treatment and management of arthritic conditions that may eventually require a joint replacement.  Often these clients will ask us as the Osteopath for our opinion on this and whether it is the right thing to do.  This is often  difficult question to answer because every individual is different in regards to  how much they suffer in pain and what impact the arthritis is causing to them both physically and mentally.

Below I have included a number of references that might be useful for those patients wanting to know more about joint replacements.  These patient handouts have been sourced from a variety of recognised arthritis websites.

Joint Replacement Handout

Surgery For Arthritis Handout

There are also a number of support groups in Australia.  To find out more about these, please click on the links below.

Victoria –


Each state and territory is likely to have a support group.  To find out more about your local support groups, be sure to contact your state based arthritic foundation.

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