Introducing the Desk Stander from Up Down Desk

For those of you out there who are looking at implementing a sit stand desk solution in your home office or company and currently don’t have the space for a full electronic or manual desk option, then look no further than my physio mates Jordan new Desk Stander from Up Down Desk.  He is currently offering these on desk options at a very affordable price.  These are great for those who are looking for a very affordable option that will allow you to vary your work posture between sitting and standing.  It also offers a few additional features that many of the other versions in the market currently don’t (adjustable to any position, can be raised higher than many other popular types).  We have found great success with the electronic up down desk at both our clinical practice (principle four osteopathy) and many of our clients at corporate work health Australia.  Find out more about the desk stander on the link



























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