The bottom up kettlebell press is a great variation on the traditional overhead press because the design of the kettlebell when placed upside down means that one must work hard to stabilise the load through their wrist, elbow and shoulder girdle as they move from the rack position to overhead position. Usually one will perform an overhead press with a reduced load compared to a traditional dumbbell or kettlebell overhead press due to this increased stability demand on the bottom.

At Principle Four Osteopathy we will usually incorporate the bottom up kettlebell press as part of ones rehab if they are looking to implement overhead pressing following a complaint that has resulted in one not being able to overhead press.

In the video above you will see Principle Four Osteopathy osteopath Jarrod Testa performing a bottom up kettlebell press from a tall kneeling position that also requires trunk and hip stability.

If you are currently dealing with a musculoskeletal complaint that is affecting your overhead pressing with training or work and want to find out more about what you can do to help yourself, then make sure you touch base with us at Principle Four Osteopathy. We are your Melbourne City CBD Osteopath and are located near the corner of Swanston St and Collins St at 178 Collins St Melbourne City CBD. Our contact email is or you can call us on 0396709290. Bookings can be made online at