In the video below you will see one of Principle Four Osteopathy clients holding a load (5 or 10kg) above their head and slightly anterior to their head i.e. 140-160 degrees whilst performing a squat. Holding the load in this position whilst squatting increases the individuals need to create tension through their trunk i.e. anterior, lateral and posterior trunk whilst maintaining an upright torso position during the squat. This is a nice simple strategy that one can use as part of their movement prep or to address any potential energy leaks relating to trunk stiffness during the squat.

In addition to this we also need to ensure that the individual is bracing appropriately whilst performing loaded movements. When I say brace, in the context of performing heavy loaded squats, one will usually brace through their trunk (bracing around the abdominals by engaging abs, ql, erectors etc). Don’t think sucking your belly button in, this type of approach under load wont help you. Think more like pushing your stomach and lateral trunk and erectors out into a belt that is wrapped around your waist.

For those of you who are currently still squatting in this COVID19 crisis at their home gym, give this a try as part of your next warm up routine. For those who are finding they are having issues relating to abdominal tension under loaded movements, feel free to touch base with us at the clinic and we can touch base with you. Contact us via email, DM me at @osteoheathprinciple4osteopathy or call us on 0396709290.

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