Dsc05435 Hinge And Squat Exercises

The hinge and squat are 2 fundamental movement patterns that all individuals should incorporate into their training regime. Both are compound movements that training multiple regions of the body (think ankle, knee, hip, trunk) and provide maximum value for training time and efficiency. Our daily lives also see us perform the squat and hinge variants and if we look to integrate these patterns and variations into our training, then we should be able to build up our capacity to endure the demands of day to day life when these movements are performed or required.

Osteopath Heath Williams will perform hinge and squat variations 2-4 times per week. He if often training at a submaximal level and therefore is able to tolerate an increased frequency of these movements. He will also vary the pattern regularly so that the body is required to adapt and this also assists with reducing the likelihood of over loading one particular pattern.

In the video below you will see examples of just some of the variants performed by Heath.

This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams.