Get your Barre class completely “en pointe”


Barre classes have fast become a new favourite in the world of group fitness alongside Pilates and yoga. Allowing people to relive the days of their childhood ballet lessons or test out those latent co-ordination skills that are being wasted sitting at your office job!

However if Barre class has you feeling less like a bendy bunny and more like a stiff tin soldier why not employ the skills of one of our Osteopaths to help you get a better turn out or a deeper plie.

For many of us sitting at a desk for 8-10hrs a day is a reality that we can’t avoid and along with that comes a whole lot of things holding back your Barre finesse;

  • Sitting causes tightness and shortening to the muscles at the front of our hips meaning you can’t sit as deeply into our plies
  • Lengthening through backside (gluteal muscles) and hamstrings mean you can’t get up well out of our plies and perhaps can’t hold that great turn out you’re working towards.
  • Tight and shortened calf muscles will inhibit your ability to get that perfect point and stop you short in your calf raise sets.
  • Rounded shoulders often leads to impingement in the front of our shoulders making those graceful port de bras (ballet arm exercises) look less like Anna Pavlova and more like a robot attempting ballet!


With over 20 years of dance experience herself our Osteopath Cathryn is well equipped to understand the needs of any dancer or enthusiastic Barre participant.

Visit Principle Four Osteopathy for some hands on treatment an advice on exercise and stretches that can help you get he most out of your sensational Barre class at our great partners Pilates on Bourke.

This article was written by osteopath Cathryn Leszczynski who has a background in dance and pilates.  Cathryn is available for appointments at the clinic on Mondays and Fridays and appointments can be booked online here or by calling 0396709290.