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Principle Four Osteopathy recently had the Functional Movement Group present on their Movement Assessment Tool (M.A.T) and it was a great afternoon having both Andrew Lemon and Stephen King demonstrate how we can utilize the M.A.T within our osteopathy, functional movement screens and exercise prescription consultations.

Both Andrew and Stephen are very passionate about movement and how we as allied health practitioners (osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors and exercise physiologists) should all be looking to incorporate both movement assessment and movement based strategies into the treatment and management plans of our clients with musculoskeletal complaints as well as athletic performance.


What is the Movement Assessment Tool (M.A.T)?








The Movement Assessment Tool (M.A.T) is a new tool designed by both Andrew and Stephen and they have put together a series of movement tests that allows us to be able to assess ones movement in all three planes of motion as well as vertical plane.

The M.A.T was designed considering many commonly used and validated movement assessments in mind. Some commonly used assessments that can be performed using the M.A.T are:
– Star Excursion Balance Test/ Y-Balance test
– Squats tests
– Lunge tests
– Sit and reach test
– Weight bearing lunge test
– Hop tests
– Closed kinetic chain upper extremity test
– Standing long jump and many, many more functional performance tests

To find out more about the M.A.T, please click here.


About The Functional Movement Group

The Functional Movement Group was created by Osteopath Andrew Lemon and dual qualified Osteopath/Physiotherapist Stephen King.  Both have completed a range of post graduate courses and between the two of them include GIFT, CAFS by the Gray Institute, Functional Movement Screen by Gray Cook.  Both guys keep up to date with all of the leading health care professionals across the globe.  Find out more about Andrew and Stephen by clicking here.


Our Session At Principle Four Osteopathy

Our session had Osteopaths Heath Williams, Cathryn Lesczyznski and Tim McNamara of Principle Four Osteopathy, Myotherapist and PT Tal Marom of Trademark Myotherapy and PT/Soon to be Exercise Physiologist Nicholas Kent of Jon Weller PT Studio.

Single Leg Balance Reach Test – Sagittal Plane

Single Leg Anterior Reach Test









Closed Chain Upper Extremity Test










Our session was highly practical and we all practiced and applied the following tests using the M.A.T with Andrew and Stephen.

  • Star Excursion Test
  • Single Leg Hop Test
  • Lunge tests
  • Squat Tests
  • Y Balance Test
  • Closed Chain Upper Extremity Test

Lunge Test

Lunge Test









Single Leg Hop Test

Single Leg Hop Test









Practical Implications

The M.A.T is a great tool that can be used when dealing with both injured clients an those looking to improve movement competency and performance.  The tests are easily applied and you can apply these periodically throughout the treatment and management of clients.  Ideally one would screen clients first using the M.A.T and other movement screening tests and then develop a plan to address the issues identified.  Reassessment can then be carried out to identify if improvements have been made.


About Principle Four Osteopathy

This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams at Principle Four Osteopathy.  At Principle Four Osteopath we provide a range of services, including osteopathy manual therapy consultations, functional movement screening, exercise prescription, strength and conditioning and rehabilitation.

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