Full body integrated workout

If you are looking for a new program to integrate into your weekly training session, then check out the kinetic link inspired training program that osteopath Heath Williams is demonstrating.  Start with 2 – 4 sets for all symmetrical exercises and 1-2 sets for all asymmetrical exercises.

1. DA DB open arc + squat (2-4 sets)
2. DA DB open arc + split squat (1-2 sets)
3. DA DB mid hold squat + superior push (2-4 sets)
4. DB DL to push up (2-4 sets)
5. Cable DA posterior pull + squat (2-4 sets_
6. KB DL (2-4 sets)
7. Cable DA open arc + alternating reverse lunge to tall kneeling (2-4 sets)
8. DA DB alternating superior pull + squat (2-4 sets)

Check out the videos of each exercise below.

This blog post was written by osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy.