Today I had the opportunity to meet up and spend some time with Martyn Girvan, S&C coach and owner of Elite Sports Performance in Spotswood, Melbourne.  Not only was he a super friendly and generous guy, he showed me around his training centre and talked me through and demo some of his prehab and training exercises that he uses for elite athletes, keen exercise enthusiasts, mums and dads and teenagers.  I was so impressed by his venue that I have decided to sign up and give his training methods a go next week.  I am keen to not only work on my own health and fitness, but also very interested in learning from some of the best in the business and cannot wait.   For anyone serious about improving their athletic performance or overall fitness levels, then check out Elite Sport Performance @  Martyn has a massive amount of experience in regards to competing and also training some of Australia’s best athletes.  I won’t ramble on in regards to who trains at his venue and who he trains, but be sure to read more about him at