Effects of Kettlebell Training On Aerobic Capacity

Osteopath Heath Williams of Principle Four Osteopathy recently came across the article “Effects of Kettlebell Training On Aerobic Capacity” that was published in July 2015.  To purchase the thesis, please click here.  I have listed some of the key messages reported in the article for those of you that are into kettlebell training and conditioning.

Key Messages

  • There have been limited studies investigating the effects of kettlebell training on aerobic capacity.
  • This study used athletes who used a high-intensity intermittent training program i.e. 15:15 MVO2 kettlebell protocol (15 seconds work:15 seconds rest) for 20 minutes total 3 days per week over 4 weeks and resulted in an in increase their aerobic capacity in a short amount of time.   The exercise regime for this study consisted of intercollegiate athletes who were familiar with Kettlebell training.   12kg kettlebells were used (making up approximately 18% of the individuals body mass).
  • This protocol may be used during injury rehabilitation and may be useful for athletes needing to maintain aerobic conditioning over a short period of time.
  • The kettlebell snatch is a low impact dynamic exercise that provides sufficient resistance for muscle strengthening and aerobic conditioning.

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