Shutterstock 368999813 1 Educate Your Workforce In Ergonomics And Enhance Worker Wellbeing And Productivity

We are now 7 months into working from home as a result of COVID19 and the future workplace is going to consist of a mix of office based working and working from home. Many companies and individuals have realized that they are able to be productive whilst working from home and have adapted their working practices to do so. Many corporations are likely to see a hybrid office/home work model moving forward that will allow workers the opportunity to collaborate with team members face to face as well as remotely, reduce travel times for workers which will result in more personal freedom for individuals to spend time with their family or pursue hobbies and sports. Businesses will see a reduction in overheads as they look to downsize floor space to accommodate their team and we will also see workers health and wellbeing improve due to a greater ability to be autonomous in how they work.

Early on when COVID landed on our shores here in Australia and workers were advised to start working from home we saw many simply working from their dining room table and chair with their laptop. As time progressed we came to understand that working from home was going to be much more permanent and workers started reporting aches and pains as a result of the work environment combined with workers adjusting to working from home. Osteopath Heath Williams (Principle Four Osteopathy) and Physiotherapist Wade Brennan (Central Physio and Health) who are directors of Corporate Work Health Australia saw the challenges that would present to both individuals and corporations and therefore developed a range of non face to face education workshops and individual ergonomic services to assist both businesses and individuals in identifying ergonomic risk factors and educating workers on how to optimize their physical set up and implement work practices and behaviours that would minimize their risk of developing aches and pains.

Our 45 minute workstation ergonomic webinar session has been very popular and we have seen the likes of many large organisations run this training to educate their team members on how to improve their home office ergonomics and improve health and wellbeing. Corporations such as Host Plus, AHEIA, Publicis Sapient, AIST, Care Super, ACEM, TPAV, Youth Projects, Sportsbet, Moore, ACSI, Medicines Development, IFS, Pacific LIfe, Whitbread Insurance, AASB, IOOF and countless others have enlisted us (CWHA) to assist them in educating their workforce.

So what does our session look like?

Trainer:  Health professional

Who: This session is ideal for the business who would like to educate their team or entire business in how to optimise their home workstation ergonomics

Duration: 45 minutes


  • Educating workers on how to optimise their current home workstation
  • Educating workers on movement behaviours and breaks to reduce static awkward working postures that may result in aches and pains
  • Prescription of basic stretches that can be performed whilst at the home workstation

Cost:  $220 +GST

If you would like to find out more about this service or one of our many other ergonomic services, please touch base with us on