I have performed 100’s of ergonomic assessments over the years and in many of these assessments, the individual will often benefit from a document holder, footers, mouse or keyboard wrist support.  Below I have tried to outline some basic advice on how you might be able to assess whether you need any of these accessories.

Do You Need A Footrest?

Lets make the assumption that most desks are fixed in height ranging from 68 – 72cm.  This height range probably accounts for 95% of fixed desk heights.  To find your correct sitting height, your arms should be approximately parallel with the desk when working.  If this means that your feet cannot touch the ground after you have adjusted the chair to put you in this preferred ergonomic posture, then you would benefit from a footrest.










Would You Benefit From A Document Holder?

For those of you that are required to reference hard copy documents whilst working on the computer, the most common mistake I see made is the placement of documents between you and the keyboard.  Often this means pushing the keyboard a good 30 cm from the edge of the desk.  This requires the worker to sit with a large degree of head flexion to read the documents.  Others will often place documents to either the left or right side of the monitor.  Depending on your specific job tasks, I would encourage those who are required to constantly reference hard copy documents to look at a free standing document holder or writing/reading document holder.  The image below represents a Micro-Desk in action and these are great for reducing the need to flex the neck for extended periods of time.











Would You Benefit From A Keyboard Or Mouse Wrist Support?

Many of us will often type or use the mouse with our wrist sitting in an extended or deviated position.  For those of you who demonstrate excessive wrist extension when using the mouse or keyboard, then a mouse or keyboard wrist support may help to put your wrists and hands in a more neutral position.  Other solutions include looking at the type of keyboard and mouse used.










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